About Us

SFS Financial Services Group (“SFS Group”) currently consists of two companies, called SFS Financial Services Limited (“SFS Financial“) and SFS Capital Nigeria Limited (“SFS Capital”). SFS Financial is licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”) as an Issuing House, while SFS Capital is licensed as a Fund/Portfolio Manager.

The SFS Group is a product of a Management Buy-out of Skye Financial Services Limited, which operated as the investment banking and investment management subsidiary of Skye Bank Plc. The change began as a result of the mandate by the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (“CBN”) instructing all Nigerian banks to sell off their non-banking subsidiaries. Skye Bank Plc offered its 100% stake in Skye Financial Services Limited to interested investors. After a thorough and transparent process, The divestment eventually cumulated in the sale of Skye Financial Services Limited to an entity formed by its existing management.

Coincidentally during the divestment of Skye Financial Services Limited by Skye Bank Plc.’ the SEC began implementing the rule preventing any asset management company from engaging in other activities; like Issuing House. As a result, the investment management business of Skye Financial Services Limited was ‘Carved-Out’ to form SFS Capital Nigeria Limited (“SFS Capital”). Both the Newly formed SFS Financial Services and SFS Capital Nigeria Limited have similar shareholding structure and therefore are now part of a larger group now branded “SFS Financial Services Group”.

If we can get ourselves to always Think SFS (i.e. to think first about the common good for all SFS stakeholders) before we think of ourselves, our unit or our generation; then we can progressively deliver first class solutions for our customers, excellent returns for our shareholders and top remuneration for our employees. All this we will achieve through the provision of quality issuing house and investment management in our sub-region. Like a seed that grows and ultimately becomes the strongest tree on the landscape, we will creep into the consciousness of our customers with whom we shall be on a first-call basis. Whenever our target clientele are confronted with an opportunity or a problem in issuing house, investment management or financial advisory in our sub-region, SFS should spring to their minds. In effect, we will render the kind of service that will make it almost inevitable for such clients to always Think SFS before they think about other options. Achieving all this will go a long way towards making us role models in our society. So think! Think SFS!


Proficiency, Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Accountability and Responsibility, Mutual respect for one another. Standing by commitments. Excellence

Cultivate and emphasize a strong team spirit. Lacking flamboyance. Providing its members with a sense of belonging. Respects the needs of customers and fellow employees. Is progressive. Is also informal

Focus on leadership as opposed to management. Providing leadership by example. Do not permit the imposition of barriers based on cadre or hierarchy. Encourage managers to be accessible. Is participative. Encourage freedom of speech at all levels. Providing staff with both praise and censure. Acknowledge the contributions of team members. Focused

Employees comprise of persons who are: Dynamic, Energetic, Willing to learn, Self-Motivated, Trustworthy and Out-going. Are passionate about their work. Are Leaders. Do not seek personal glory. Have strong inter-personal skills. Are highly qualified specialists. Are socially balanced.

Orderly &Clean. Functional. Pleasant. Quiet. Modern. Tasteful but simple.

All of these are made possible through a team of dedicated leadership, exemplifying a high level of corporate governance. We are passionate about our working environment and also about ensuring that our people deliver exceptional values. We continually update our processes to ensure that our people flourish and realise their full potentials, while at the same time maintaining the delicate balance between profitability and environmental safety.


Patrick Ilodianya

MD/CEO, SFS Capital

Dimeji Sonowo

ED, SFS Capital

Yemi Gbenro

MD/CEO, SFS Financial services

Dr. Layi Fatona


Dr Yemi Kale