What does SFS stand for?

SFS is an abbreviation for "Skye Financial Services

What is the SFS Fixed Income Fund?

The SFS Fixed Income Fund (SFS Fund) is a meticulously crafted Savings, Financial Planning, and Investment product with a coveted "AA" (Double A) rating. Recognized with multiple awards, including the Best Performing Regulated Mutual Fund Investment by BusinessDays Newspapers three times consecutively, the SFS Fund has demonstrated a track record of consistently repaying principal and providing quarterly returns since its inception almost a decade ago.

How does the SFS Fixed Income Fund work?

The SFS Fixed Income Fund operates as a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS), commonly known as a Mutual Fund. In this structure, funds from various individual and corporate investors are pooled together and entrusted to the Fund Manager, SFS Capital, for investment purposes. Profits generated from these investments are then distributed among the contributors to the CIS. The collective nature of funds in a CIS allows SFS Capital to negotiate better investment terms than a single investor, and the involvement of multiple parties typically ensures the protection of investors.

What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is an investment product that pools funds from numerous investors. The collected capital is then strategically invested in a diversified portfolio of assets, aligning with the fund's specific investment objectives.

When was the SFS Fund established?

The SFS Fund was launched in May 2014 by SFS Capital Nigeria as the Fund Manager. The initial offer of N500 million was fully subscribed and listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange.